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The job is for me a second life. I deeply devoted most of the time I get home late at night. My wife is a housewife is often alone at night. Aware of this and to compensate for these delays, I decided to return home earlier than usual.

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As each school year, my wife comes to me and give me a little kiss of welcome. She is quite excited to see me that she decided to get rid of my business. Once reduced, it makes me take a shower two on the grounds that it was long since we had not made ca. Once in the room, and was not dressed as a small towel, she undressed me and dragged me under a hot shower. She kissed me tenderly I start bandaging: caresses excite me greatly. Looking down, my pretty amateur milfs sees my dick grow again and again. She realized immediately that this is the work of his wandering hands, her sexy figure but especially his mouth that continues to touch my body.

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Very excited, I began to rub my body against hers while the cuddling. But not, I allowed myself to start papouiller her pussy all smooth and discovered that she was already wet. Looking me in the eyes, she starts licking my nipples and put to kneel thereafter. She takes my horny cock to graze his lips and stroked my balls with his other hand. Then she gently introduced without his mouth and makes a language tour. By the coming and going with my penis, she looks me in spreading my legs. This excites me more and more that I can no longer hold my orgasm. She knows to take care of a dick I ejected everything in his mouth. Being a horny milf, she started to swallow everything ...

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