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Being a true amateur porn, Lisa does not refuse any proposal of pleasure. When it comes to taking her feet, she is always starting, and she is very motivated especially when a big rod presents itself before her. His sexfriend Mathieu is a young man of average height, blond hair, sporty and not badly barred. They had known each other for a few months, but their private parts were well accustomed to each other. One afternoon he came to visit her and as usual she was waiting for him in a bathrobe with nothing underneath. The curves of his body were seen through his clothing. What made a lot of effect to his visitor, a bump was formed between the thighs of Mathieu. Without waiting, the boy kissed her and she unbuttoned him at the same time until he became naked. She put her back to him and then arched himself so that he could see the kitty already wet, she moved closer gently to rub her ass gently against him.

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The big and imposing penis of his partner made Lisa mad. She sat on the sofa and pulled her man in front of her. A very resistant 18 cm is presented in front of his mouth. She soon took care of it by her mouth. His tongue was coming and going along the stem. She opened her mouth to the maximum to be able to enter the big cock already rough his man. She sank it deep into her mouth, but just half came in her greatness. He kissed her slut's mouth, slapped against her glottis. She uttered cries of pleasure at every kidney stroke he gave to her mouth. Finally, her big dick finally made enjoy, but Lisa did not let go.

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